Thursday, January 9, 2014


Until I was almost thirty, I was never really interested in the paranormal. That’s not to say I wasn’t aware of it, I watched TV and movies, I saw the “true” ghost stories. But I never really paid much heed to it. I knew of the paranormal, but I never had an opinion on the reality of it. Until a conversation with a friend, in which he told me that something “creepy” happened to everyone at least once in their lives. It occurred to me, that yes, in fact something pretty creepy, which I can’t explain once happened to me. I asked some other people I knew and, after some prodding discovered that they too had experienced something they couldn’t quite explain.

I decided to write this blog about those stories. At first I asked my friends and family if they had any creepy stories to relate, turns out they did. I’m also going to ask readers to submit, if they feel so inclined. I should warn you that I’m a writer by hobby so I tend to put my own spin on things. But the facts of the stories I will relate here are basically as they were related to me.  Keep in mind, I make no claim that the events described are true, but only the recollections of those who witnessed them. My only claim is that I will remain as truthful to the original story as possible. Oh, and I’m changing all the names at the insistence of those who told me the stories.

What follows are the strangest things ever...

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